We know about your concerns of using and sharing your information. It is a sensitive matter. However you should not be worried, since Asadi Business Consulting, Inc is a trusted service, who deals with international customers every day, so before using our service, please take your time to read through the Privacy Policy below.
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We collect our customers’ information through various parts of our website, as we are the owner of the website


Your information will be required in the registration form. To use all the services of the website, a user has to complete the registration form and give us some information, which are name and email address. This information will be used to contact users about feedbacks and comments on our services.


We need your information in the order form to use our consulting and coaching service. To place an order from us, you have to fill in the order form with information, namely email, address, name and more. We also need some basic information regarding your business, the current situation and the problems. During the service, if there is any problem, we will use your information to contact you directly and work for a solution.

We will have the right to receive and keep your information, which you have put out in various places of our website. You can submit information which is unreal, but it will affect your benefits later. It is recommended that you should provide us your real email address and specify our emails “not spam” to receive our latest information and deals on our services. Furthermore, we may want to contact you regarding your experience of using our service. In this case, it is essential that you should provide us your personal email address for our communication.


We only use your provided information to work out for a consulting service, trying to identify the best method to help your business. Furthermore, your information will improve our service, making benefits for both of us. And, the most important point is, Asadi Business Consulting, Inc does not share customer’s information to any other party, under any circumstances.

We also collect your information through your web browser’s cookies. This information will let us know more about your location and your surfing schedule. It does not contain any important information in the cookies of the browser.

Email: we will contact you via your provided email to let you know about our latest services and newsletter. We will also let you know if we have any special event for you to come. Asadi Business Consulting, Inc will keep you in touch most of the time. Wish you not to receive any email from us, just follow the unsubscribe instruction in the bottom of the email. However, we recommend not to do it, since we do not send spam, only valuable information.

Phone: we may call you when we need to clarify some points of our contract. Otherwise, you can call use any time using our phone number to have the latest information and enquiry regarding our service. We always welcome customers.


We are open to make changes. As this Privacy Policy changes, is suggested that you should check this page regularly to know if there is any change in our website and our policy. We will send you an email if there is any important change that may affect your contract with us.


We reserve the right to keep all of your information private. However, under some circumstances, we may have to disclose your information which is required by the law in some special situations. We only disclose your information when it is necessary for the law to solve some disputes regarding your business or other circumstance.


Should you have any inquiry, comments, thoughts or ideas, feel free to contact us at :


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Harbor City, CA 90710
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