Do YOU want a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR and business coach help you manage your business more effectively & efficiently?

Are You Interested in Hiring a Great CEO for Your Business without Paying Full-Time Salary and Benefits? 

Ali Asadi Not Only Gives You Great Business Ideas But Also Works as Your Part-Time CEO To Manage Your Business More Successfully

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Here is The Way Ali’s Part-Time CEO Plan Works:

Step.1) Apply for a Free Consulting Session Via Phone or in Person So Ali Can Learn about Your Goals or concerns.

Step.2 ) Ali Customizes His Program Based on Your Needs.

Step.3) We Will Have Regular Meetings in person or one the phone . Ali Educates and Assigns Tasks to You and Your Employees in Different Business Management Areas.

Step.4) You or Your Manager Will Send Weekly Emails and Reports Including Answering to the Three Main Questions

  • What have you done during the week?
  • What are your results?
  • What are your challenges and questions?

Step.5) Ali Reviews Your weekly Progress and  Helps You and Your Employees Fix Issues to Achive Your Goals.





Referral Marketing

The toughest challenge that any small business faces is to expand and build a bigger customer pool. Word-of-mouth publicity for your product or service still remains one of the most highly rated marketing methods. Prospective customers will always prefer to try or buy a product that has been “referred” to them by a friend or colleague.

The concept of referral marketing has gained a lot of momentum in recent times and with good reason. Referral marketing essentially uses customers and their networks to build a stronger customer base.

Come join us for this very informative workshop and learn:

  • Referral marketing facts
  • Referral marketing cycle
  • Referral strategies
  • Referral tools
  • Customer network creation
  • Strategic partners

Business Etiquette for Professionals

Business is about first impressions and on-going interactions.

Why business etiquette? Someone who really understands the subject will say that etiquette cannot be confined to business alone. You cannot show perfect manners at work and be nasty at home. The message here is to have a uniformly good personality. Good business etiquette means that clients, colleagues, and even competitors are comfortable working with you and can rely on you to display consistently decent behaviour.

The first rule of good business etiquette is that you should behave toward your customers, employees, and colleagues, as you would want them to behave toward you. You need to be considerate and thoughtful to those around you regardless of the situation. If there is a conflict, handle it on issues rather than personality.

Join us for this very informative workshop and learn:

  • The importance of professional business behavior
  • How to deal with people with different back grounds
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to dress professionally
  • Table manners for professionals
  • How to manage a business meeting
  • The golden rules of social interactions
  • How to build better business relationships

Online Marketing for Your Small Business

Online Marketing is swiftly revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and small business owners market their business. The top four advantages of using online marketing tools such as social media for business are exposure, customer service/engagement, increased traffic and potential new partnerships. Stop wasting countless hours of trying to figure it all out! Sign up for our informational workshop and learn:

  • How to use online marketing best practices
  • How to reach your target market
  • How to generate traffic and leads
  • How to use time saving techniques to manage your tools
  • How to choose the right platform for your business and much more

Business Cost Management

No business, especially a small one, can afford to have avoidable business expenditure. Every cent saved adds a cent to the bottom line. By getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business, managers can sometimes become blind to the steady drip that can empty the bucket. Fortunately, some very simple things can be done to ensure your business stays healthy and solvent.

Cost management is the process of managing business expenses effectively. It is considered one of the most difficult but rewarding tasks in business management.

Join us for this very informative workshop and learn:

  • How to streamline productivity process
  • How to cut your employees’ expenses
  • How to cut your marketing expenses
  • How to manage your purchasing expenses
  • How to manage your travel expenses

Decision Making

Organizations always need employees and managers who can effectively resolve issues. One reason senior executives are paid so well is because they are very good at making decisions. Faced with a number of conflicting choices and finite resources that everyone competes for, a good decision maker is a valued member of a managerial team. Matters can become complex when you are forced to work in conditions of uncertainty, handle complex issues (technical, cultural, personal), and have to choose from alternatives—none of which are perfect answers to the problem. Such circumstances need good decision-making skills.

The decision making workshop equips business owners and managers with great thinking and decision making skills that make them ready for future business issues.

Join us for this very informative workshop and learn:

  • How to think about your problems
  • How to define your problem
  • How to clarify your goals
  • How to make smarter choice
  • How to think and act on uncertainties
  • How to plan ahead by effective current and future decisions

Employee Performance Management Made Simple

Effective employees are absolutely essential for having a successful and profitable business. Employee performance management is a process of leading and developing your employees to deliver the results that you want. It also involves motivating your employees and evaluating their performance so that the employee and the company are clear about present performance levels and what needs to be improved.

Come join us for this very informative workshop, on how to manage your employees’ performance and learn:

  • How to communicate effectively with your employees
  • How to measure & evaluate your employees’ performance
  • How to coach your employees and use performance action plan
  • How to handle poor performance and complacency
  • How to delegate tasks effectively
  • How to apply constructive discipline process
  • How to manage the termination process

Project Management

There is a famous question that project management professors ask “How do you eat an elephant?” The expected answer is: “In small bites.” But there could be other answers as well. You can eat an elephant (assuming you do like to eat elephants!) with a group of friends or colleagues. You can distribute different parts of the elephant to different parts of your team. If you are interested in making the meat last longer, you will have one strategy for eating, but if you want to finish it quickly, you may have another. I could go on and discuss meat preservation and other details, but I think you understand the point.

The elephant is the problem you are trying to solve; it is the project you are trying to complete. How to eat the elephant is project management’s responsibility.

Join us for this very informative workshop and learn:

  • The key issues of project management
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Organizing
  • Delegating the work
  • Coordinating activities
  • Receiving feedback and initiating corrective action

How to Hire an Effective Employee ?

Hiring employees is easy! Correcting mistakes is what takes time. Any business that is not solely managed by family will need to hire employees. The decision will impact your business-one way or the other. The wrong employee costs you time, money, and future business. It has been proven that it could cost 3 to 15 times the worker’s salary to get a replacement, so it is really important to hire with care.

Come join us for this very informative workshop, on how to hire an effective employee and learn:

  • How to create an effective job description
  • How to save time by creating a proper application form
  • How to interview candidates
  • How to avoid illegal issues
  • How to perform an employee reference check
  • How to make a job offer
  • How to train new employees

Time Management Tips to Change Your Life

How to find balance if you own a business? How to find balance in your life and how to find the time to do it? Is success a destination or a journey? Learn how to set goals in all the facets of your business and personal life. Decide what is important to you.

In time management workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify your time bandits
  • How to manage your time at work
  • How to improve your productivity
  • How to live a better balanced life

How to Get More Customers?

With over 15 year of management experience, Ali Asadi will amaze the engaging crowd in this workshop. His insightful knowledge on business and how to get more customers will be well received and understood easily.

Come join us for this very informative workshop, on how to get more customers for your business and learn:

  • New trends and challenges of marketing
  • Great techniques to know your current situation
  • How to set goals and make plans
  • How to implement your marketing plans
  • Practical tips to improve your business marketing
    • How to make your website more attractive to visitors
    • Great techniques to improve your website ranking
    • Golden tips to use social networks more effectively
    • How to design effective brochures and business cards
    • How to use video marketing and YouTube to get more customers


Recruiting & Hiring
Business Etiquette
Cost Management
Time Management
Project Management
Online Marketing
Employee Management
Referral Marketing
Decision Making
Getting More Customers